About Us

In the pursuit of excellence Britt & Cardo Kleberg shared a vision to set new standards in an industry that remains intrigued, yet uninformed. After the heartbreaking move away from Africa came the inspiration to build a bridge: a link towards the soul left behind, a connection to the friendships that remain, and a means to discover new boundaries. The love of the outdoors, its people, and wildlife is the focus of their motivation.

A commitment of providing highly memorable adventures is achieved by taking guest back in time to remote parts of the world, where one can experience unspoiled wildlife in wide-open spaces. In 2002, Britt and Cardo made the decision to move home to South Texas to raise their 4 children. As 8th generation Texans, family heritage and roots are imperative. However, a sense of adventure is equally as important. Family trips have taken the Klebergs to all corners of the globe, but a bond with Africa remains significant as they have made many trips back with their children, starting when they were 4 years old.

Our Mission

As safari planners, we thrive on introducing travelers to unique adventures and destinations that combine the love of the outdoors, wildlife, and alluring cultures.


Conservation is at the heart of everything we do and the safari industry plays a critical role in the preservation of not just the wildlife, but the ecology, the environment, and local cultures. At Geographic Group, we choose partners who share the common goal of low-impact sustainable tourism. more

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