Mountain Gorilla Trekking & Primate tours

The African Continent is home to 216 species of primates (111 on the mainland and 105 in Madagascar). They range from the smallest Prosimian in the world to the largest monkeys and apes in the world. The monkeys of Africa are Old World monkeys and most live throughout the tropical and equatorial zones. A few live in the semi-arid and rocky northern reaches of the continent. The distribution of some species spans into Southern Africa. As for safari tours, we offer trekking for Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, and the Gelada Baboons.

the gorrillas of Uganda

Today there are only about 880 Mountain Gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei) left on the planet. They are under constant threat by poachers and loss of habitat. Their range is limited to a small area on the border of Uganda and Rwanda. It is here that we offer opportunities for gorilla tours. Trekking is highly regulated, with only 8 persons per group and it is recommended to purchase your permits 12-18 months in advance. In Rwanda there are 11 habituated Gorilla groups and Uganda there are 11 as well. Expect to hike for 4-6 hours and once you find the gorilla family, you have 1 hour to take in the magnificent experience.

Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) excursions are offered in Uganda and Rwanda along with the Mountain Gorilla tours as they live in the same areas. In Uganda there are close to 1500 located in Kibale National Park. Chimps are also found in Tanzania near Lake Tanganyika in Mahale National Park.

In the Ethiopian highlands, one has the opportunity to see the rare Gelada baboons (Theropithecus gelada), which are the last surviving species of ancient grazing primates that were once numerous. These tours can be combined with Historical tours throughout the country.

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