Walking Safaris - Up Close and Personal with Nature

The Geographic Group has developed the most immersive walking safaris available.

African Walking tours

Walking across the African plains in an experience that offers adventures the opportunity to move at the pace of nature. One can rid themselves of the noise of the vehicle and tune into the bush. Moving at a slower speed, allows you to notice the smaller things that are important to the overall Safari experience.

You can expect to learn about animal tracks, grasses, bushes, and trees or watch a dung beetle hard at work. With only a pair of binoculars in hand, one will be able to tune into the sounds, smells, and textures, much like our ancestors did thousands of years ago. Safety is of the upmost importance and our guides focus on maintaining a secure distance from dangerous animals. There are many options when it comes to walking...from 10-day walking tours to daily excursions.

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