Camping & Overland Safaris

Overland/Camping safaris are a great way to experience entire regions of Africa. Before there were bush planes and helicopters, adventurers would arrive in an area, load up in a land rover with their guide and head out to the bush. They would set up camp when it got dark and explore the area until it was time to move on the next area. Transportation would consist of walking, vehicles, dugout canoes, small boats, and ferries.

Today, we offer these same tours, as well as modified versions, which combine some planes, but the overall experience of staying in smaller private rustic camps and traveling to the next camp on foot, canoe, or Land Rover remains the same. For small groups this is a great way to have total privacy and experience raw Africa.

Camping in Africa

Luxury Safaris

Luxury Safaris would include 5-star “Classic” and 6-star “Premier” accommodations. These itineraries are fully inclusive and would involve flying between camps with some road transfers as well. Traveling across remote Africa can be complicated as infrastructure is not always up to standard, so flying cuts down on travel time. Luxury accommodations vary in many ways, but can offer larger sleeping areas, indoor/outdoor showers, private plunge pools and salas, and private dining rooms.

Luxury Safaris